The key to getting eye on your ad are these two elements. Not the art. Keep them short, funny, punchy, edgy, or vague.

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Art files should be designed differently from tradeshow/sales handouts. They should drive viewer to your landing page, and only focus on one particular product. It should not give them all the details.

The art is what drives clicks.

Ensure you landing page coincides with the product in the art file.
This is the place to include  product specs and pricing, ordering and production info, and contact forms.

Put your best foot forward and include videos, case studies, and additional tools to help viewers take that next step.

Length – 30 seconds to no more than 1:30. Short videos keep them interested and excited.

They also increase the stickiness of your landing pages.

We do not provide our advertisers with a any direct subscriber contact information from our database. This includes unsubscribed email addresses.

The only channel for an advertiser to receive a subscriber’s contact info is for an interested subscriber to contact that advertiser directly.