Vernon Company Broadcast

1 We began this process with a marketing plan in order to determine the target demographic, media channels, message, and budget. We also conducted a marketing audit and slashed under performing media buys.

2 We created the core of the messaging and designed 4 individual campaign concepts to reach the different segments defined in the marketing plan.

3 We reached out to vendors in the industry to learn what marketing products they had avaiable to reach the most engaged audience in a cost effective manner. In some cases they created new products for us (that’s a wink to you ASI).

4 We executed on the plan. We mapped out the calendar, constructed the materials, and submitted everything to the vendors. We were the direct line of communication.

5 We analyzed the results. We wanted to hold not only our venders accountable, but ourself as well. Then we refine.

Client: Vernon Company
Date: April 11, 2018
Service: Email, Ad