We embrace concepts others will not, and bring those concepts to our clients with the end result being multi pronged campaigns that incorporate brand strategy, creative, technology, and analytics that make past strategies look down right boring. With over a decade of experience, we have helped our clients all over the world to create eye-catching and head-turning creative solutions.
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Getting to The Core of Your Business

It’s all about the idea. The spark. The piece of excitement that draws people in. We produce sparks by working hard, hammering out ideas fanatically to create something special. Passionately exploring all the possibilities, we know everything starts with a spark. So there you go. No fluff. No flowery nonsense. Just honest hard work.

Our unique process starts off with the dig. It’s all about us really getting under the skin of your business so that we understand it as well as you. We have a set of questions specifically designed to collect precisely the right information. This means we can efficiently generate an accurate brief, and start work on your project fully understanding your requirements.


This is where so much important work is done. We use the brief and our understanding to work, and work, and work. We explore all the possibilities, we generate ideas and then develop them into solutions. We use our work / play ethos to look at your brief from different angles, to make sure we are providing you with the right solution.


An essential part of our process is ‘you’. We have found that direct communication between you and our designers is the best way to achieve results. So after we have developed our ideas we encourage an open and honest discussion. We’ll discuss all the design options with you; the good points, the bad. And never duck the tough decisions. It may be that we go back to Step 2, but quite often from here it’s straight on to delivery.

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Getting Noticed

Email Marketing

A decade ago we began the process of building the strongest email database in the promotional products industry. We have at our disposal the strength of 300,000 distributor email addresses. Our lists are so powerful that when you compare our service to one of our competitors we create a tidal wave of response, while they barely make a ripple.


Marketing Programs

We work with your marketing team to create the right message for your brand, and help you select the most effective vehicles to distribute that message to the industry. We work directly with ASI, PPAI, Sage, Distributor Central, and the rest to ensure your not wasting money with your media spend. Do you know what kind of ROI you’re getting from your marketing spend? We do.

Design Services

Not sure you’re ready for a comprehensive marketing program? That’s fine. We can take on the smaller projects too. Design, video, web. We can help your brand get noticed in ways no other company in the industry can. Let’s chat about what we can do for you.

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Engaging Distributors

We’ve built up a wealth of experience in engaging with distributors and maximising the relationship to the benefit of both the supplier and the distributor. We can help you deepen your relationships with these external partners in a range of different ways. If you’re only using sell sheets across all marketing channels you’re missing out on engaging your partners. 

The aim is no longer to talk at distributors. Now it’s important to engage them, primarily by producing content that distributors value, and by reaching them through new media. At Eight Legged Media, we can help your business develop engaging content that helps distributors convert prospects into leads and ultimately into sales.

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